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Garden Services


From your small backyard to a full stretch of land, we offer push mower or ride on services. Express provides flat, sloped or terraced services with straight or cross-cut options. These will leave your lawn with that manicured, fresh and velveteen finish.

This service offers the removal of unwanted plants and 'pesty' weeds from your gardens as well as cutting back and the removal of small trees.

weeding & pruning


Regular and precise hedging and trimming is essential for the maintenance and well-being of those out of control bushes and hedges. We take pride in the perfect finish.

Cleaning gutters can be a dangerous and tedious task, which if not done can result in roof and gutter damage. We offer regular clearing of gutters to avoid water build up and overflow.

gutter clean

High Pressure clean

Is it time to transform and improve the exterior appearance of your property? While you sit back and relax, Express will tackle the war on mould and dirt that has penetrated your pavers, retainer walls, driveways, brickwork and concrete surfaces.


All pricing is inclusive of insurance, covering you for any injury or damage that may occur on your property. You can now rest knowing that you won’t be responsible and you won’t have to pay for any damages!

Our priority is serving people

For a once-off mess or regular services, find out how we can help make life easier for you!

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